Welcome Job Seekers

Looking for a job is “just the tip of the iceberg”.

The other 90% of the iceberg is below the surface of the water and includes preliminary research about yourself, the industry and the position that you wish to snare. It includes knowing how to interview effectively, how to not only keep a job but to prosper and grow within it.

The most vital component of your job search is to address the part “under the surface”. The more you appreciate the importance of knowing your strengths and abilities and how to convey them effectively, understand how an employer thinks and to sell yourself successfully, the greater the chance you will have of becoming a winner.

This section of Links 2 Work houses information every job seeker needs to know. Below are several helpful links to assist you in reaching your goal.

More Resource Options

  • Employment Help Agencies

    Local Employment Help Agencies to get you back into employment sooner rather than later.
  • Employment Skills Training

    Helping you with the skills needed to give you the best chance of getting back into employment.
  • Job Banks

    A list of local job banks in the area which have links to job listings and job searches.
  • Job Fairs

    News on the latest job fairs in the area and when they occur.
  • Local Employers

    A list of local employers in aplabetical order and links to their current career and job opportunities.
  • Local Employment Agencies

    A list of local employment agencies in the area and links to their site for more information about who they are.
  • Newspaper Postings

    A list of local newspaper resources in the area and links to job listings and job searches.
  • Workshops

    Links to local workshops offered by various organizations and businesses.

Featured Job Banks

  • A job bank advertising South Western Ontario job vacancies. [more]

  • Service Canada job bank for all jobs local and Canada wide. [more]

  • Free Job Applications for the job you want. [more]

  • Career opportunities through your local London College. [more]

  • Job bank for local, Ontario and Canada wide vacancies. [more]

The Advisor

  • Need Help?

    Do you have an employment related question? If so, why not ask the advisor. We can provide feedback regarding the site, resources, or other employment related topics. [more]
  • Review your Resume

    If you are looking for us to review your resume, then feel free to email us and indicate what type of job you are looking to apply for. [more]