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Below are links to some of the free workshops and job fair events for July 2018 in and around the London area. Please take the time to explore each link and participate if possible.

Student Job Posting Sites

There are several job posting sites available that are aimed at helping students find summer, part-time or winter jobs that they can work around there schedule. Please view any of the links below for more information

Helpful Links

  • CanLearn Interactive

    Canada's one-stop resource for the information and interactive planning tools you need to explore learning and education opportunities, research occupations, develop learning strategies, and create the financial plans to achieve your goals - includes the services of an On-line Counsellor. Even though this site is geared to students it has valuable information for everyone.
  • Finding a Summer Job

    School's out for summer and you would probably like nothing more than to relax. It would be great to spend some time watching TV or hanging out with friends. Unfortunately, if you are like most students that's not an option - summer means time to look for a job.
  • Improving Your Job Skills as a Teenager

    "As a teenager you have probably noticed that your "worth" in the "job market" is not very high". From the Teenager's Guide To The Real World.
  • Resume and Cover Letters

    A complete section of links to help you with all you need to know about writing your resume or cover letter.
  • What can you do with YOUR degree?

    The good news is half of all vacancies for recent graduates are open to those with a degree in any discipline - including yours!
  • Yes Job Search

    Youth Employment Services job board.
  • Young Worker Awareness Program

    Our goal is to give you the health and safety awareness you need to protect yourself and your fellow workers.

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  • Need Help?

    Do you have an employment related question? If so, why not ask the advisor. We can provide feedback regarding the site, resources, or other employment related topics. [more]
  • Review your Resume

    If you are looking for us to review your resume, then feel free to email us and indicate what type of job you are looking to apply for. [more]