Essential Skills

Employer's can access Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills Tools and Resources through the following links. Literacy and Essential Skills are the skills needed to learning, work, and life.

The Nine Essential Skills are:

Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Thinking, Document Use, Working with Others, Oral Communication, Computer Use and Continuous Learning.

Useful Articles and Links

  • Essential Skills Profiles

    Can help you learn more about the skills needed for different jobs; develop workplace training programs or job descriptions; Investigate career options and learning plans; and create educational tools to enhance skills development.
  • Essential Skills Tools and Resources

    To assist you with all the help you may need.
  • Literacy and Essential Skills

    They are needed for work, learning and life; are the foundation for learning all other skills; and help people evolve with their jobs and adapt to workplace change.
  • Mango Languages

    An online language learning system that provided English translation and idioms and pronunciation techniques.*Note cost involved after free trial period.
  • Recognizing Life’s Work

    Helping learners connect their essential skills from home to work.
  • Through the Worker's Eyes

    An e-resource for training.

Flesch Readability Grade Level

The Flesch-Kincaid Reading level is a test designed to measure how easy or difficult a text is to read, and tells you the grade level of a document.

Online Flesch Testing

  • Readability Index Calculator

    Paste your sample text in the field, Select measurement method and click 'calculate score".
  • Readability Score

    This online tool will give you lots of lovely readability scores, telling you how easy the text you enter is to read. Simply enter the text you wish to check into the box and your scores will be calculated.

More Options

Some popular links below to assist you with finding out about how essential skills are needed and to constantly strive to learn and improve them.

Ontario Skills Passport

National Adult Literacy Database

Literacy and Essential Skills materials listed in this section of Links 2 Work have been supplied courtesy of:

Featured Links

  • Employment Sector Council based out of London. [more]

  • Career opportunities through your local London College. [more]

  • Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board. [more]

  • Specializing in computer assisted learning for persons with disabilities. [more]


The following free workshops are scheduled in around the London-Elgin-Middlesex Area for July 2018.

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