Resume Section

Resumes are a written representation of who you are and what skills you have to offer an employer. There are different formats and lots of do's and don'ts that will help you create a dynamic resume.

Cookie-cutter Resumes

Watch out for online scams promising Free résumé critiques that lure you into the clutches of résumé mills. Read more at the link provided below.

Please Note! The L2W Advisor Service is not an online scam.

The Advisor services do not write your resume for you. The Advisor simply provides: comments and suggestions to improve your resume; gives online links or articles that are current and relevant in today's market; and provides proofreading for your existing resume.

Useful Links

  • Creating Your Resume

    Several links to help you get started with creating your resume.
  • Key Points

    Links to key points that should be remembered while your creating.
  • Targeted Resumes

    Links and ideas to target your resume so that it stands out as the strongest candidate.
  • Resume Samples

    Some help in understanding the layout and content that can go into resume writing depending on certain factors that might be applicable.
  • Your Cover Letter

    Plenty of links to help you understand cover letters and how they are meant to entice employers to want to read your resume.
  • References

    This part is often forgotten but is an intregal part of your resume set up.

The Advisor

  • Need Help?

    Do you have an employment related question? If so, why not ask the advisor. We can provide feedback regarding the site, resources, or other employment related topics. [more]
  • Review your Resume

    If you are looking for us to review your resume, then feel free to email us and indicate what type of job you are looking to apply for. [more]