Employment Skills Training

The are a selection of Employment Skill Training organizations in London, Elgin and Middlesex County. SDC next to the agency name denotes they are Service Delivery Standards Certified. As mentioned throughout this site all links for this and everything in this site are supplied for your convenience only. Please refer to our Terms of Use for additional information.

Employment Skills Training Agencies

  • ATN Access Inc (*SDC)

    ATN Access Inc provides the opportunity for individuals with disabilities to gain access to employment through a variety of assessment, skills upgrading and personal development services. This includes Assistive Computer Technology Assessment and Training; Business Software Competency Testing and Training; Specific Learning Disability Compensatory Strategies; English and Math Upgrading.
  • London Training Centre (*SDC)

    London Training Centre is an award winning, non-profit social enterprise that provides innovative, effective and integrated training opportunities for people who need new skills to enjoy the dignity that comes with employment, independence and self-reliance. As an Employment Ontario sponsored organization, we can provide information about all of the Employment Ontario Programs and Services.
  • Nokee Kwe Occupational Skill Development (*SDC)

    Employment Services Native Education Centre Information Resource Centre (IRC) that helps with vocational planning, career and employment planning and training, access to employers services and much more.
  • Pathways Skill Development (*SDC)

    A non-profit agency founded in 1989. They exist to assist individuals to overcome barriers to meaningful employment. They offer a variety of programs and services to help employment seekers unlock their potential and improve their skills.