There are several places in and around the London area that offer all kinds of different workshops. Some are free and some have a fee. Call any of them and ask for more information or if you know which particular workshop you would like to attend, be sure to book your place.

Useful Links

  • ATN Access Inc

    The Skills for Employment Program is designed to assist participants in their active job search through the development and maintenance of employment specific skills. A variety of different workshops take place.
  • Community Employment Choices

    Community Employment Choices offers a monthly series of workshops on a range of employment related topics for individuals in employment transition. We specialize in offering topics relevant for those living in Middlesex County. Topics include; resume/cover letter preparation, interview techniques, a 3 part series on career exploration, using social media and more. For more informatiom check out the monthly calendar.
  • London Training Centre

    London Training Centre provides these programs to help you learn how to identify your strengths, develop new skills and effectively look for employment.
  • Nokee Kwe

    We hold Essential Skills Workshops almost every day here at Nokee Kwe to help with all kinds of skills you may require to secure employment sooner rather than later.
  • Pathways Skill Development

    Pathways Skills Development Training programs utilize a combination of theory, hands-on training and co-op placement to ensure that each program provides a practical and rewarding experience.
  • Wil Employment Connections

    Wil offers a series of workshops specifically designed to help individuals job search and connect with employment with both confidence and success.
  • Youth Opportunities Unlimited

    Youth can learn the skills they need to be competitive in today’s job market. Varity of workshops available.